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AVON CUTTERS prides itself on our craftsmanship. Our operators are trained in house. Once an operator comes to AVON cutters, they are trained to our operating machines . We have an ongoing in-house training program to make sure our operators are the best in the industry. We do not have a high turnover rate with our people. Many of our employees have been with us for over twenty years. Because of this continuity, you can be assured of a quality product time after time

AVON CUTTERS also prides itself on quality. We have quality checks at every step in our manufacturing process. Each operator checks their work as well as their predecessors as per standard. Our machining as well as heat treatment process is continually watched through the manufacturing cycle. Each operator has the ability to stop the job on the spot if they need to make a correction. Once our knives is completed, a quality control specialist double checks before dispatch.
We offer a vast rang of product for use in the metal, paper printing and packaging, plastic, wood, Rubber and Allied industrial. We take pride in being not just manufacturers but "solution ". Our Avon Industrial Cutters and blondes enjoy the reputation of being "the complete cutting solution " for their quality, superb performance , delivered at the right price, at the right time.
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