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Metal Shearing Blade
We manufacture Shear blades for all guillotine shear - machine makes and models as well as many others & custom made to order. Our Shear Blades are precision manufactured to extremely close tolerances with Special heat treatment & metallurgical control. They can be used for all kind of mild steel, stainless steel, copper.

Up to 2200 mm long in single segments.
  • Cutting capacity up to 32 mm thick material.
  • Metal Shearing Blade
  • Made from AISI D3, D2, H,13,H21 , SR4 and special alloy steels.
  • High wear resistance and shear strength
  • Close tolerances with thickness and width parallelism
  • Perfect matching sets for interchangeability
  • Easy fitment due to close tolerances in hole centre distance
  • Sharp edges and superior surface finish
  • O.E.M. suppliers to major machine manufacturers.
  • Ex-stock or short delivery
  • Technical backup and advisory services, for blade selection

  • In order to ensure, that we will offer the blade, that exactly is in accordance to your needs, we ask you for some details (material, hardness, machine capacity.) We offer short lead times on shear blades, as we keep common raw materials in bigger extent on stock

    To eliminate this sticky problem, we can "de-magnet" the blades after sharpening
    Press Break
    Wide range of tooling for press brakes, and conventional bending & forming machines.

  • Single tool upto 3000 mm long
  • Metal Shearing Blade
  • Wide variety of tooling for various profiles.
  • High resistance to wear.
  • Accurate & repeated profile geometry.
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