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Paper Guillotine Knife
We produce different types and specifications of guillotine knife for paper cutting in printing & binding industry. Basically there are Claded Steel knives according to OEM's requirement

  • Inlaid Standard Alloy Steel--with following
  • Paper Guillotine  Knife
  • After hot rolling with high compressing ratio, the crystalline of cutting edge steel will be finer, and more capable to retain Sharp cutting edge.
  • Tolerance could meet OEM's requirements for cutting machines.
  • Alloy Steels are imported
  • Low cost and high performance, the running life is 4 times Extra than ordinary Knives after sharpening.
  • Reduce much downtime for users.
  • Higher cutting quality, very smooth cutting surface.
  • Very straight cutting edge
  • Chipping problems can be tackled by increasing the degree of the primary bevel.
  • We have ready stock Wholenberg, Perfacta Itoh, Maxima/adast, Polar, Schneider senator, Nagai Machine Knives
    Trimmer & Online binder Knives
    AVON Paper Trimmer knives are employed in book binding and publishing industries for book & magazines trimming . Our trimmer knives cuts material without time consuming adjustment and reducing drag, draw and dust in your printing. It cuts material highly efficient even when working with large quantities to increase productivity.

    We have ready stock for Wholenberg, Kolbus, Perfacta Horuf, Mullarmartine, Indopoly flowline Machine Knives.
    Trimmer KnivesTrimmer Knives
  • Razor sharp burr free cutting edge
  • Mirror surface finish
  • Close tolerance
  • Quick setup with low down time.
    On-line Binding & StitchingOn-line Binding & Stitching
  • Highly efficiency
  • Low machine down time
  • Accurate sizing
  • Combination available in HCDCr D-2, D-3
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